Terms Of Service


Upon Purchase you will recieve an email with your purchased items. When you choose to purchase from TroopKeys, you immediately agree to the Terms of Service. Specifically the refund and agreements section. TroopKeys reserves the right to refuse any form of refund or compensation. This includes but is not limited to, The customer not happy with the product / service, the product ceasing all services, the product not being compatible with their computer / operating system.


Should the customer choose to breach any terms in the agreement. TroopKeys reserves the right to take appropriate action. This includes but is not limited to – Revoking the customers product license, Banning from any form of community associated with TroopKeys (eg: Discord), Dissallowing the customer to make any other purchases.

Should TroopKeys ever use the product term “lifetime” this refers to the lifetime of the product. Should the product ever be discontinued the customer agrees that TroopKeys is not responsible for the discontinuation of the product and will not provide any form of refund / compensation.

Change Of Services

TroopKeys reserve our right to make changes to our Store / Terms of Service without any notice. However we will try our best to notify when we do so. We do not take responsibility for customers misreading / misinterpreting the terms.

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